How to get unlimited gems in Clash Royale?

Hello, in this guide we will cover unlimited gems in Clash Royale. First of all there aren’t any hacks, but there are some tricks to get free gems in Clash Royale.

If you take a look at Clash Royale ranking you may think “these players spend hundreds of dollars to get the best cards”. Sure, sometimes it might be true but most of the time they just used tricks. I will write some of them, here are tricks to get free Clash Royale gold, later I will write about unlimited gems in Clash Royale:

Donating cards

If you’re new player you may think “donating cards is bad”, well – it’s not. It’s one of the best ways to get gold. You get 5 gold and some XP for every common card, 50 for every rare and 500 for epic. That’s great deal especially if someone asks for card you don’t use. Do you play slow decks and someone asks for rare Hog Rider? Free gold for you!
Bonus: buying commons and rares from shop just to donate them is worth it! Starting price for rare in shop is 20 gold, if you donate it you get 50 which means you just earned 30 gold 🙂

Opening chests

They give you most gold and most people don’t open them right. You usually get Silver Chest for the win. Right, it’s most popular one, then you get Golden Chest. And here is the thing, most people open the first chest they get – you should always open Silver ones during the day and save Golden ones for night. What about Crown Chest? You can get one per day so it  won’t be wasted. If you get even better chest like Magical or Super Magical start opening them in the evening. Free chests aren’t that important so open them whenever you can, sometimes you will get mobile notification.

Getting gold by winning games

You can earn gold by winning an Arena match up to 20 times per day, here is table showing rewards per arena:

Arena nameArena numberVictory Gold
Goblin Stadium15
Bone Pit27
Barbarian Bowl39
P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse411
Spell Valley512
Builder's Workshop614
Royal Arena715
Frozen Peak816
Jungle Arena918
Legendary Arena1020
Clash Royale Gems Guide
Clash Royale Gems Guide

Unlimited Gems in Clash Royale guide:

Because of abuses such as stealing our work we had to add content locker to our unlimited gems in Clash Royale guide. It contains 3 tips that are used by the best players.

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