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Spawning buildings in Clash Royale

Hello. In this guide we will cover spawning buildings in Clash Royale, we hope you will learn a lot and you will win more games thanks to this guide :).

Tombstone – is a very popular card in Clash Royale. Mainly used to defend. It is hard to attack someone who use this card. Tombstone can easily make opponents troops way much longer to the tower. When you place it against the Hog Rider it can kill him if opponent won’t counter it with Zap or something. This card is also played to attack but as a support troop with Lava Hound and fast decks too.

Furnace – spawns two little Fire Spirits. When they have the same or higher level as enemy King Tower that means that on clear battlefield one of tchem will reach the tower. So every about 10 seconds they will deal about 200 damage. That’s great! This card is best against spam decks and in them either. So put it in your deck for good defense or attack support too.

Goblin Hut – it cost 5 elixir but have a great value. Every little while you get a spear goblin which of course can deal some damage to enemy tower but better to defend. Power in horde! The second use of this card is in spam decks. Play it with Barbarian Hut or Furnance and oponent won’t know what’s going on. But be carefull. When you play it then your opponent know that you don’t have half of your elixir bar. He can attack you fast on the other side and take out the tower.

Clash Royale Goblin Hut
Clash Royale Goblin Hut

Barbarian Hut – spawns two Barbarian. Good and effective but very expensive. It is rare to play against because it hasn’t got a great use. You can change it with other cards which I wrote about above.

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