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Defensive cards in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale there are mainly two types of cards: aggressive and defensive. The first type was described here, now let’s take a look at the best defensive cards in Clash Royale:


  • Cannon – low-cost card which easily kills all kind of ground spam. Very good against the Hog Rider and Giants. Placed in the middle makes enemy troops way much longer before they reach your towers.
  • Tesla – 4 elixir card is good against all low health troops. When out of combat it hides under ground and can’t be damaged.
  • Inferno Tower – the best tower against all fat troops like Giants, PEKKA and Golem. But be careful! Zap can stop its huge damage.
  • Tombstone – usually used to piss off opponents 😉 spawns little skeletons that slow down enemy range attackers or when they get in horde can even kill high HP troops.
Clash Royale Spells Guide Image
That’s a huge Fireball 🙂


  • Fireball – incinerates a small area, dealing high damage. Great counter against spam decks and slow too. Throw it on troops horde or support behind tank and it should do the job.
  • Arrows – usually used to take out Princess or Minions. Thrown at Skeleton Army is a good play too.
  • Tornado – great with Fireball. Play this card in the middle to grab the most troops and then throw Fireball at them. Perfect!
  • Zap – one-shot enemy spam and stun troops for a while. Very popular in most of the decks. Played effectively can decide about winning.


  • Mini PEKKA – small black warrior which can one-shot most of troops. Deals high damage to tanks too. Can’t attack flying monsters.
  • Valkyrie – great melee fighter which deal area damage around her. Easily kills hordes of enemies.
  • Mega Minion – very similar to Mini PEKKA but flies. It’s cheap and very popular on high ranks.
  • Ice Wizard and Wizard – both of them are great in defense. One throws ice shards and the other one fireballs. Place them behind your tower.
  • Giant Skeleton – costs 6 elixir but can kill a lot of enemy troops. Firstly stops them to attack him and when die he drops the bomb which deals huge damage.
Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Image
High-quality image showing Giant Skeleton.

Remember that every card in good hands can be used as one of defensive cards in Clash Royale.

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