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Clash Royale Tips for new players

Here are some Clash Royale Tips for new players:

Don’t rush

Number one mistake – rushing. It may be good on low level, but better players will counter it. Using too many elixir can put you behind. Try to make an effective combo. Be smart with your plays, don’t drop card just because it’s up or you have max Elixir. Smart way to attack is dropping one or two light troops and one tank to cover them. It’s a great synergy. Play Clash Royale like a game of chess, find your own gameplay style and master it. This is the one of the most important Clash Royale Tips!

Use spells

If you’re beginning with the game you probably only have Arrows or Fireball. Those spells aren’t the best but it’s still good to use them and learn how they work. After few days of playing Clash Royale you’ll most likely have the Freeze. It’s really situational spell – it can help you with attack (you can freeze enemy troops and tower while your attackers takes their entire tower) or defense (freeze enemy attack while you gather mana for defenses). After some time you’ll get the Rage. It increases speed, movement and damage of your troops. Throw it on horde of your troops and watch the destruction.

Variety in your deck

Most important aspect of Clash Royale is setting up your deck. You can’t have 8 cheap offensive cards, you need to find the perfect balance. Most optimal average Elixir cost is around 2.7 and 4 Elixir. You should have few cheap counter cards such as Mini PEKKA, Valkyrie and Musketeer. You can’t forget about splash damage – Baby Dragon, Witch, Wizard or spells (Fireball, Zap).

Test new decks

If you don’t mind losing, this tip may not be for you. Here I will write about testing new decks in training battles or friendly battles with your clan members. Test new combos, try new cards and have fun! Once you feel confident about your gameplay and your deck you should fight real opponents. Remember that real players will be more challenging than Trainer Earl.

Stick to one type of deck

In my opinion you shouldn’t try to use 3 different types of decks at once. Be good at one type, for example control deck. You will win a lot more games because you will know what to do, how to attack, defend and counter. More than that you will have more gold to upgrade cards because you won’t need that many cards.

Spend gold wisely

In Clash Royale you don’t have that much gold like in other games so error margin is low. You can’t go to shop tab and buy everything you like. Upgrade only useful cards – cards that are currently using in your deck. Save as much gold as possible – you never know when there will be opportunity to buy cards you need. I agree with some people saying that you get most value by buying first 3 commons and rares at the shop. However like I said before I only do this with cards that I need.

Don’t play if you don’t have time

Are you late? Are you walking? Don’t play the game! You won’t be concentrated and focused at the game and you may lose a lot of games. That may sound simple and obvious but you would be suprised on how many people play Clash Royale like that. They need to see those Clash Royale Tips for sure 🙂

Losing streak? Stop playing

In every competitive game losing streaks can happen and the best way to encounter them… is to stop playing. There’s nothing worse than losing few hundred of trophies in one day. If you lost few games in a row and you’re sad about it do something else. Watch TV series, play other games, go outside or even watch games of better players. Remember: no hurry, play only if it’s fun for you.

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