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Clash Royale Tactics for Defending

At the beginning we’re giving you some Clash Royale Tactics for Defending that will help you playing against aggressive or slow decks.

How to counter aggressive decks?

If your opponent plays aggressive, try to slow down the game. Play effective cards. Mini PEKKA (Valkyria, Knight) is good against Hog Rider, Zap against Goblins and Spirits, and Fireball, Arrows make a perfect clear against spam decks. When you defend successfully put some cards to counter with Mini PEKKA and reach enemy tower. If any of your troop hit the tower that means it was a good counter. Remember to protect the low health minions and put the tanky ones in front of them. That will give you some safeness.

Picture of Mini PEKKA
Strong rare card with high damage, great against aggressive decks.

How to play against tanky decks?

If opponent play slow deck like Golem, Giant, PEKKA, Royal Giant or Giant Skeleton with support troops you should attack fast the other side or prepare to defend. As soon as you see his fat troop make  a cheap combo on the other side. Sometimes it can destroy enemy tower or break opponent combo. He will probably spend his elixir to defend. But what about the tank? As I wrote make a cheap combo. That means you still have some elixir. Place your defensive troops on the bottom right behind the King Tower and buildings like Cannon in the middle of your territory or if it’s a spawn building place it behind the tower. That should do the job – it’s one of the most popular Clash Royale Tactics for Defending. Your win condition is the counter.

Picture of Golem card
Very expensive and the most tanky card in Clash Royale. When destroyed splits into two Golemites.

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