Clash Royale Explosion Wallpaper

Clash Royale Tactics for Attacking

In this tutorial you could learn how to defend, now we’re covering other side – we present you Clash Royale Tactics for Attacking:

How to attack with spam decks?

Spam decks are quite rare. To build them players usually uses Goblin Hut, Furnace, Barbarian Hut, Tombstone and Elixir Collector. The last one is very important because spam decks have high average elixir cost. At the start of the game you should wait for opponents move. When you will he his first troop, place one of your buildings on the same side. When you will get some elixir – place another one. And mainly that is how you play. Focus on countering enemy troops – when enemies are flying place Goblin Hut, if they are ground type, place Barbarian Hut. Furnace is good on both types of minions.

Clash Royale Attack Wallpaper
Clash Royale Attack Wallpaper

How to attack with tank decks?

Tank decks have usually one high HP card and the rest are for helping her survive and deal damage. You can use cards like Golem, PEKKA, Giant or Royal Giant. At the start of the game you have two options. First, play the tank right behind King Tower and wait for more elixir. Next place cards (like Archers, Wizard, Ice Wizard, Musketeer) behind the tank. In this option you go on all the way. It’s risky but sometimes you can win the game very fast. The second option is to wait for opponent play at the start of the game. Then try to counter. When your troops will kill his and start to run forward, play the tank in front of them. That how this deck works. It’s one of the best Clash Royale Tactics for attacking!

How to attack with Mortar or X-Bow decks?

In this deck you can use Mortar OR X-Bow. Their attack range is pretty awesome, it’s 12 tiles. You can target the opponent Crown Towers with them. All you have to do is to place them near the river and cover them with your troops, spells and buildings. One of the best supporting card is Tesla. Wizard is great support and damage troop and spells which I recommend are Fireball and The Log. Remember to not placing Mortar or X-Bow if you don’t have enough elixir to defend it.

How to attack with aggressive decks?

In aggressive decks we can usually see Hog Riders and Mini PEKKAs.These decks are very hard to master because of the perfect timing you have to play every card. You also have to learn how to defend. It’s not easy to defend when most of your troops are used to attack. When opponent place any card which isn’t an aggressive one, play your combo on the other side. How to make a combo? Well, usually a Hog Rider with Goblins (Goblin Barrel, Spear Goblins too) and Spirit (both Ice and Fire are good) behind is enough to deal some damage. If you want your main attacking troop to hit the tower once or twice more – Zap the Tower and nearby enemy troops. This is hardest Clash Royale Tactics for attacking but it’s very good against most of the decks. High risk, high reward.

Clash Royale Explosion Wallpaper
Clash Royale Explosion Wallpaper

Each game will make you better player. So DON’T GIVE UP and PRACTISE!

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