Clash Royale Goblins

Aggressive cards in Clash Royale

In this tutorial we’re gonna present you the most popular aggressive cards in Clash Royale. Enjoy 🙂

Mega Minion – flying, armored Minion. Does a lot of damage comparing to its cost. Can one-shot Minions and Goblins.

Ice Spirit – can freeze enemy troops and buildings which lets your attackers hit it even 2 times more.

Fire Spirits – three fast troops which explodes when reach enemy. Easily kills Goblins and Minions. Deal high damage to towers.

Minions – three fast, flying attackers which easily kill Goblins used to defend tower and even more tanky troops like Knight or Valkyria. Weak against Fire Spirits.

All these cards are usually used with Mini PEKKA and Hog Rider. They mainly help them reach tower and kill enemy defensive troops.

Hog Rider – targets only buildings, jumps over the river and almost always hit the tower. Great aggressive card in Clash Royale especially with support troops like those above.

Mini PEKKA – same as Hog Rider is very good aggressive card but hits everything. Is tanky as a 4 elixir troop and has a HUGE damage.

Clash Royale Battlefield Image
Typical battlefield of Clash Royale game, a lot of troops here and there.

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